Siempelkamp and TH Rosenheim, Industrial advisory board for wood technology: The industry’s Premier League develops and seeks young talents

Krefeld, July 16, 2020 – The “Premier League” of the new generation in the wood materials industry is
trained at the Technische Hochschule Rosenheim (Rosenheim Technical University of Applied
Sciences). Mr. Ulrich Kaiser, Head of Sales Wood Division at Siempelkamp, is a member of the
industrial advisory board for wood technology, newly established there in 2019. This group brings
together a top level cross-section of experts from wood technology and from the wood materials
industry. These sections of the industry require new blood – it is still possible to apply for the winter
semester at the University of Applied Sciences before August 14, 2020!
1,000 students, 26 professors, 22 labs – these are the key figures for the Faculty of Wood Technology
and Construction at Rosenheim Technical University (TU). As the leading international academic training
institute in the world of wood, Rosenheim TU opens up the acquisition of skills in subjects such as Wood
Technology (Bachelor/Master), Interior Engineering (Bachelor), Wood Building and Construction
(Bachelor), Civil Engineering with focus on Sustainable and Energy-efficient Construction using Wood
(Bachelor), and Civil Engineering (Bachelor). “Let me through, I’m a WOOD ENGINEER!” is one of the
faculty’s promotional messages.
All this know-how comes from the faculty’s links with industrial practice: For that reason, the Wood
Technology study programme initiated an industrial advisory group, in which Siempelkamp too is
represented by Ulrich Kaiser. This is where organisations with a good name in the wood materials
industry contribute their knowledge and connections, e.g. Egger and Kronospan, Homag, Hülsta, Leuco,
and Binderholz. “There are many reasons why activity in this group is a pleasure and an honour for me. I
can pass my practical experience onto the next generation and, in addition, the faculty’s topics, such as
process digitisation or improvement of material efficiency, are exactly the challenges which also drive
Siempelkamp. This creates a great opportunity to learn from each other and to feed the knowledge
gained from the network back into our own companies,” says Ulrich Kaiser.
The topics to which the advisory board devotes itself in conferences, research projects, or excursions are
very varied: Students are attracted to an exciting industry, brought into contact with industrial practice
and, later on, meet with prospective employers. Projects on topics such as chipboard quality, material
simulation, or manufacturing automation bring together researchers, practitioners, and the next
Future of the next generation – Rosenheim TU is extending the application period for wood and
engineering courses
“The wood materials industry has a lot of power and influence. As a faculty, that is what we are aiming
at. In order to further develop courses, inspire new students for our speciality, and introduce
innovations, advisory board members like Ulrich Kaiser from Siempelkamp are very important,” notes
Prof. Dipl-Ing. Torsten Leps from the Wood Technology faculty at Rosenheim TU.

The interaction with the subject of wood and with its multiple areas of use requires well trained
engineers, both men and women, whom Rosenheim TU trains with great enthusiasm. Because of the
particular situation relating to the Corona pandemic, the TU is extending its application periods to
August 14, 2020. “The start of studies is scheduled for October 2, 2020. In case we are unable to start
with face-to-face lectures, the faculty is also 100% prepared for digital teaching,” confirmed Prof. Leps.
Further information on the courses is available at,
and advice on courses can be obtained directly via Silke Kroneck, studienberatung@throsenheim.

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