Omnibus study - targeted market research

Imagine a market report that only answered the questions you actually asked. Our targeted omnibus study is now open for questions. Simply submit your question below, free of charge.

What is the Omnibus Survey?

It is a method of quantitative marketing research, where data on a wide variety of subjects is gathered during the same interview.

Multiple research clients will provide proprietary content for the survey, while sharing the common demographic data collected from each respondent.

Advantages to the research client include cost savings (sampling and screening costs are shared among multiple clients). Additionally, the research is timeless due to large samples and ongoing interviewing.

Survey Analytics’ omnibus survey generally uses a stratified sample and can be conducted either by mail, telephone or internet.

This method is flexible, fast and cost- effective and provides timely consumer insights and perceptions on topics, products and trends.

There are different ways:

All are cost effective with a representative sample of the population and pre- planned. So, you can be sure about the research being carried out and when to expect results.

Face-to-face Omnibus

Representative in-home surveys across the UK, allowing the use of colour prompts / visual aids or multimedia, or questions of a sensitive nature via self- completion.

Online Omnibus

Representative online surveys, allowing the use of colour prompts or multimedia and fast delivery of results. Great compromise between speed, price and sample representativeness.

Globo Bus (International omnibus)

Nationally representative face-to-face, telephone or online omnibus surveys available in most countries

Why should you hop on the bus?

  • The Omnibus survey method helps solving your business challenges with speed, representative samples, geographical coverage and price efficiency.
  • It delivers fast answers to burning questions
  • Enables decision making based on consumer input, rather than guessed estimates, without conflicting your speed to the market.
  • Consistent approach in 70+ countries
  • Extensive collection of background information on the responden